Why do artists need USA?

Jobs vs. art.

National research commissioned between 2000 and 2003 validated what many already knew: That most artists working in their chosen fields just couldn't sustain themselves financially — that they needed jobs in restaurants, schools, stores just to make ends meet, leaving little time to create the great works of which they are capable. They needed proper places to work and live and reasonably-priced health insurance. In other words, funding.

Why does America need USA?

The 96% / 27% Challenge.

The same landmark study that brought the financial plight of America's artists to light also confirmed this shocking statistic: Although 96% of Americans value ART in their communities and lives, only 27% value ARTISTS. So the need is clear — in order to close the gap between the love of art and the ambivalence toward those who create it, artists need champions. Artists need advocates. Artists need you. Artists need USA.