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“We are delighted that the AK AIR program has seen such great success. The involvement of USA Fellows with Alaska organizations has illuminated the value and influence of place-based arts engagement.

Daniel Joseph Martinez was able to develop a body of work that culminated from two distinct and highly engaging residencies. In fact, having the benefit of Daniel returning to Alaska in 2011 allowed for an even deeper exploration of the Alaska ‘aesthetic’ in his work.

We are proud of the results of this program and the impact it had upon each participating artist, host organization, and their community.”

Diane Kaplan

Artist Daniel Joseph Martinez traveled the entire 800-mile length of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, from Valdez to Deadhorse, during his residency with the Anchorage Museum for AK AIR (Artists-in-Residence).

The pipeline is considered one of the top engineering feats of the twentieth century and “Is the antithesis between a man-made object in relation to nature.”

Generously supported by the Anchorage-based Rasmuson Foundation, AK AIR connected USA Fellows to cultural organizations throughout the state. From 2007 to 2012, a total of 28 artists were in residence at 12 organizations in 7 cities. AK AIR forged rich connections between artists and organizations in Alaska and the “lower 48.”

All photos © Daniel Joseph Martinez.