Katie Weitz, PhD

Katie Weitz, PhD
Omaha, NE

When Katie Weitz taught in Chicago in the 1990s, she worked at an elementary school that held gunfire drills nearly every day. At another, she taught math and reading in a new science lab after science was eliminated from the curriculum. Although dismayed by the challenges her students faced inside and outside the classroom, she drew on the techniques she learned from her favorite professors at DePaul: how to teach students to learn by doing.

Katie received her bachelor’s degree from Carleton College, Northfield MN, in political science and a Master’s degree from DePaul in education, as well as one from Northwestern University from the School of Education and Social Policy. She received a Doctorate degree from Northwestern University in Human Development and Social Policy.

She most recently worked with the Sherwood Foundation, a charitable organization focused on improving child and family welfare throughout Omaha. Hired in 2006 to support the organization’s partnership with the Omaha Public Schools (OPS), Katie facilitated service-learning partnerships between OPS magnet schools and corresponding departments at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She’s coordinated the creation of an emergency medical technician training program in the OPS Career Center, linked with a network of new health clinics in the schools that enables high school students to gain hands-on experience as medical aides. She also coordinated a cultural proficiency program to help teachers, most of whom are Caucasian women, create lesson plans that reflect the experiences of Omaha’s large African-American and immigrant populations.

Katie serves on the Board of Directors for numerous community organizations most recently joining The Omaha Community Foundation, and serves as the Board President of Film Streams, a non-profit art house theater.