Bill Frisell and
Jim Woodring

Bill Frisell and Jim Woodring
Cartoonist and Musician
Seattle, WA
2006 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by the Rasmuson Foundation.

Musician Bill Frisell and cartoonist Jim Woodring have created a number of short animated films exploring the themes of spirituality, the evolution of consciousness, and the contrast between horror and beauty. They have also collaborated on book projects. Frisell is well known among his fellow musicians as a consummate guitarist, composer, and bandleader. He has worked with artists such as Petra Hayden, Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello, John Zorn, and Vernon Reid. His Unspeakable won a Grammy in 2005 for best contemporary jazz album. Jim Woodring is the author of Jim—an illustrated “autojournal” that includes drawings, comics, and stories based on his childhood experiences—and is perhaps best known as the creator of Frank, a wordless cartoon series.

  • Artwork by Bill Frisell and Jim Woodring
Artwork by Bill Frisell and Jim Woodring