Baltimore, MD
2018 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by the Ford Foundation.

TNEG, comprised of Elissa Blount Moorhead, Arthur Jafa, and Malik Sayeed, is a motion picture studio whose goal is to create a Black cinema as culturally, socially, and economically central to the 21st century as was Black music to the 20th century. They create films, time-based media, and installations.

TNEG is founded on a realization that the construction of a suitable means of production depends not only on the mastery of the production apparatus as it is presently configured, but the aggressive reformulation of that apparatus to suit the specific means and objectives of black people. They assert that a cinema calibrated to the cultural, socioeconomic, and existential particulars of Black being is not only possible, but also inescapably the way toward a viable Black cinema.

Portrait photo courtesy artists.

  • Artwork by TNEG
    Still image from Dreams are Colder Than Death, documentary, 2014.
  • Artwork by TNEG
    Still image from 4:44, music video, 2017.
  • Artwork by TNEG
    Still image from Deshotten, short film, 2009.
Artwork by TNEG Artwork by TNEG Artwork by TNEG