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A black woman stands grinning against a black wall with the street out of focus behind her. She wears glasses, a red T-shirt, and a blue hat.

Photo by John Hull.



She // Her // Hers

Electronic Composer

Gary, Indiana

There is a beauty of truly letting go and allowing myself to evolve fluidly and vulnerably.”
Jerrilynn Patton (Jlin) was born in 1987 in Gary, Indiana, where she continues to live and work. Jlin's thrilling, emotional, and multidimensional works have earned her a rank as "one of the most forward-thinking contemporary composers in any genre" (Pitchfork). Her signature sound builds on a Chicago footwork style, expanded and warped into a frequency that is solely hers. Her albums Dark Energy (2015) and Black Origami (2017) received critical acclaim and have been featured on Best-of lists in The New York Times, The Wire, the Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, and Vogue. Referencing a wide range of musical movements and techniques, her collaborations with contemporary artists are just as relevant to her practice, exemplified by "JSLOIPNIE," the product of Jlin and the late, iconic SOPHIE. Additional collaborators include William Basinski, Dope Saint Jude, Holly Herndon, and Zora Jones. She has since remixed works for major artists including Björk, Max Richter, Martin Gore (of Depeche Mode), Galya Bisengalieva, Marie Davidson, Nina Kraviz, Ben Frost, and others. Inspired by movement, Jlin has also collaborated with legendary choreographers Wayne McGregor (2017) and Kyle Abraham (2021).

Donor -This award was generously supported by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

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Jlin performs at Sonic Cloisers, 2021. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.