Alejandro Cerrudo
Dancer and Choreographer
Chicago, IL
2014 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly.

Alejandro Cerrudo (Choreographer, dancer) was born in Madrid, Spain and trained at the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Madrid. His performing career began in 1998 and includes work with Victor Ullate Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet and Nederlands Dans Theater 2. Cerrudo joined Hubbard Street dance Chicago in 2005, was named Choreographic Fellow in 2008, and became the company’s first Resident Choreographer in 2009. Thirteen works choreographed to date for Hubbard Street include collaborations with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Nederlands Dans Theater. These pieces and additional commissions are in repertory at companies around the U.S. as well as in Australia, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands; touring engagements have brought his work still further abroad, to audiences in Algeria, Canada, Morocco, Serbia and Spain. In March 2012, Pacific Northwest Ballet invited Cerrudo to choreograph his first work for the company, Memory Glow, upon receiving the Joyce Theater Foundation’s second Rudolf Nureyev Prize for New dance. Additional honors include an award from the Boomerang Fund for Artists (2011), and a Prince Prize for Commissioning Original Work from the Prince Charitable Trusts (2012) for his acclaimed, first evening-length work, One Thousand Pieces. Cerrudo is one of four choreographers invited by New York City Ballet principal Wendy Whelan to create and perform original duets for Whelan’s “Restless Creature,” and in June 2015, Hubbard Street presents Cerrudo’s fourteenth premiere for the company as part of a dedicated mixed repertory program celebrating his successful and prolific creative residency.

  • Artwork by Alejandro Cerrudo
    Hubbard Street Dancers Ana Lopez, left, and Jacqueline Burnett in Cloudless, 2013.
    10/9/13 2:56:30 PM -- Hubbard Street Dance Chicago Tech of Cloudless by Alejandro Cerrudo featuring Jacqueline Burnett and Anna Lopez . © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2013
  • Artwork by Alejandro Cerrudo
    Hubbard Street Dance Chicago in One Thousand Pieces, 2012.
    10/17/12 9:08:33 PM -- Hubbard Street Dance Chicago Alejandro Cerrudo's 1000 Pieces Tech at the Harris Theater in Chicago, IL, USA . © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2012
Artwork by Alejandro Cerrudo Artwork by Alejandro Cerrudo