Alvin Aningayou
Yupiq Carver
Gambell, AK
2008 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by the Rasmuson Foundation.

Alvin Aningayou is a Yupiq carver who scrimshaws his intricately carved animals in the tradition of Saint Lawrence Island work. Using the customary materials of walrus and whalebone, he carves seals and whales and then painstakingly stipples pigment onto them, gradually adding shading and other details. Aningayou, who learned the techniques from his father and brother, now supports his family with his work.

Portrait photo courtesy the artist.

  • Artwork by Alvin Aningayou
    Kayak Hunter and Beluga, 2005, white walrus ivory, whalebaleen, fossilized whale bone and imitation sinew; photo courtesy the artist
Artwork by Alvin Aningayou