Anna Hepler
Eastport, ME
2016 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by the Barr Foundation.

Anna Hepler is a sculptor based in Eastport, Maine. Her work, which is both hand-held and architectural in scale, overturns first impressions – wire forms flatten into drawings, clay impersonates metal, plywood coils like rope, plastic inhales and exhales. Hepler values embarrassment, uncertainty, blunder, and fragility as active agents in her studio process.

“In preferring a path of unknowns, I choose purpose over craft, awkwardness over expertise, and improvisation over procedure. I am working to loosen knots of assumption and forfeit some of my authority.”

Portrait photo by Lulu Calame.
  • Double Hung, Steel wire and rope, 76x78x50", 2016. Photo by David Hunter Hale
  • Undertow, cardboard, 39 x 27 x 12 feet, 2016. Photo by Allison Osberg
  • Vestige, ceramic, 15x7x2", 2016. Photo by David Hunter Hale