Corey Alston

Corey Alston

He // Him // His

[ID: A man, smiling proudly and wearing a brightly-colored patterned shirt, holds an intricately-woven sweetgrass basket.]

Portrait photo courtesy of the artist.

Sweetgrass Basket Weaver
Mount Pleasant, SC
2024 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts.

Corey Alston has been recognized by many for his tireless effort to keep his heritage alive for his generation. Alston has been featured in magazines, TV shows, and world-renowned museums. You can find him mostly keeping his artform alive by keeping the world informed on social media sites. Alston is a direct dependent of Enslaved Africans and is proud teaching others about his heritage by doing public educational talks all over the country.
  • Artwork by Corey Alston
    Sweetgrass basket. Photo courtesy of the artist.
    [ID: The artist Corey Alston, a man with brown skin, a bald head, and a full beard smiles at us. He has small dimples on both cheeks. He is seen from the waist up holding an unfinished woven basket in his left hand and a bundle of sweetgrass in his right. He wears a robin's-egg-blue collared shirt with an electric-blue undershirt.]
  • Artwork by Corey Alston
    Charleston Visitor Center banner. Photo by Joel Caldwell.
    [ID: A street banner featuring a photograph of the artist Corey Alston. He smiles and holds a beige-colored woven basket. To the right of the photo is a bar of vertical white text on a purple background that reads, "Explore Charleston Visitor Center."]
  • Artwork by Corey Alston
    Sweetgrass baskets. Photo courtesy of the artist.
    [ID: A photograph of the artist, Corey Alston, standing in a park holding up two large woven baskets constructed with wavy organic lines and shapes. Alston wears a bright-teal polo shirt, black shorts, and coordinated teal shoes.]
Artwork by Corey Alston Artwork by Corey Alston Artwork by Corey Alston