Danny Hoch
Theater Artist and Performer
Brooklyn, NY
2010 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by the Ford Foundation.

Danny Hoch is a playwright, director, and performer best known for solo works in which he embodies various characters from “the polyglot of urban life in New York City.” He attended North Carolina School of the Arts, the British American Drama Academy, London, and New York University. Hoch’s work gives voice to the hip-hop generation and takes on gentrification, racism, immigration, cultural and identity politics, prisons, and police brutality. He founded the Hip-Hop Theater Festival in 2000. Hoch has toured internationally as a solo performer and has received numerous awards, including the Herb Alpert Award (1998) and a Los Angeles Drama Critics Award (2010).

Photo credit Shirley Miranda-Rodriguez.

  • Artwork by Danny Hoch
    Taking Over, 2009; photo credit Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Artwork by Danny Hoch