Deanna Dikeman
Columbia, MO
2008 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by Suzanne Deal Booth.

Deanna Dikeman is a photographer whose work focuses on her immediate surroundings and family. Working in series, she candidly documents her aging family in black-and-white in Relative Moments, the contents of a favorite thrift store in the colorful Wardrobe, and ballroom dancing in Ballroom, among other works. A sense of quiet longing and nostalgia infuses her work. Dikeman taughtat the University of Missouri.

Portrait photo courtesy Deanna Dikeman.
  • Artwork by Deanna Dikeman
    Talking to Carol, 3/06, from Relative Moments, 2006, silver gelatin print; photo courtesy Deanna Dikeman
Artwork by Deanna Dikeman