Gilbert Hernandez
Graphic Novelist
Las Vegas, NV
2009 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by the Rasmuson Foundation.

Gilbert Hernandez is a comic book artist and graphic novelist. He and his brother, Jaime, included in Time Magazine’s “Top 100 Next Wave Storytellers,” co-created the acclaimed comic book, Love and Rockets, which explores the contemporary contours of life in U.S. Latina/o culture. He went on to create numerous comic book series including Luba (1998) and Luba Comics and Stories (2000) as well as graphic novels such as Sloth (2006). His work provides a significant window into the complexities of life in the U.S. Latina/o community. Hernandez also wrote, directed, and starred in the television series, Naked Cosmos.

Portrait photo courtesy Carol Kovinick.

  • Artwork by Gilbert Hernandez
    "Julio's Day," Love and Rockets, Volume 2; photo courtesy the artist
Artwork by Gilbert Hernandez