Guadalupe Rosales
New Media and Installation Artist
Los Angeles, CA
2020 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Guadalupe Rosales is an artist based in Los Angeles. Rosales has also been building an archive of photographs and ephemera connected to Latino culture in Southern California. Rosales’ projects exist as both archives of physical objects and crowd sourced digital archives, assembled on her widely-followed Instagram accounts @Veteranas_and_Rucas and @Map_Pointz. Guided by self-representation to create counter narratives, she tells the stories of communities often under or misrepresented in official archives and public memory. With a participatory approach to her practice, she aims to celebrate the voices of others through their archives and memories. She holds an MFA from The School of The Art Institute Of Chicago. She has exhibited at The Gordon Parks Foundation (Pleasantville, NY), The Vincent Price Art Museum (Los Angeles), The Kitchen (New York), and The Philbrook Museum (Tulsa, OK). Rosales has lectured at various institutions such as UCLA, Yale University, Columbia University, The Getty, The New Museum, MOCA, and The Graduate Center in New York.

Portrait photo courtesy artist.
  • Artwork by Guadalupe Rosales
    Immersive space with archival material from the 1990s Southern California youth culture, custom-made wood and red plexiglass go-go boxes, photographs, flyers, clothing, magazines, perfumes, altar honoring Rosales' cousin who died from gang violence, music, projected images from @veteranas_and_rucas and @Map_pointz instagrams.
  • Artwork by Guadalupe Rosales
    Installation shot of Must've Been A Wake-dream, a tryptic collaboration with artist Paul Sepuya at The Gordon Parks Foundation, 2019. Immersive space with archival material from the 1990s youth culture in Southern California, custom made steel and red plexiglass and glass go go boxes/platforms, photographs, flyers, clothing, magazines, perfumes.
  • Artwork by Guadalupe Rosales
    East Los Angeles Nights, 2018. Medium format photography. Photo courtesy of the artist.
  • Artwork by Guadalupe Rosales
    Crowd sourced digital archive and widely followed Instagram account @Veteranas_and_Rucas, established in 2015.
Artwork by Guadalupe Rosales Artwork by Guadalupe Rosales Artwork by Guadalupe Rosales Artwork by Guadalupe Rosales