Holcombe Waller
Composer, Vocalist, and Performer
Portland, OR
2011 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by Susan V. Berresford.

Holcombe Waller is a composer, singer, and performance artist. Waller’s compositions are folk-inflected and often mournful. In his performances he, in his words, “approaches music as total theater,” singing while accompanied by his video work and staging. He has performed at On the Boards in Seattle, Out North in Anchorage, and Joe’s Pub in New York, among other venues, and he has released four CDs. Waller has collaborated with USA Glover Fellow and choreographer Joe Goode as well as other choreographers and visualists.

Portrait photo courtesy Kava Gorna.
  • Artwork by Holcombe Waller
    Holcombe Waller and the Healers performing Into the Dark Unknown: The Hope Chest, 2008; photo credit Lucas Balzer
Artwork by Holcombe Waller