J. Morgan

J. Morgan Puett
Social Practice and Textile Artist
Beach Lake, PA
2011 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by the Todd and Betiana Simon Foundation.

The work of conceptual artist J. Morgan Puett encompasses fashion, architecture, public projects, and frequent collaborations with other artists. Puett’s work is imbued with the atmosphere of the rural South, where she grew up. During the 1990s, she ran a series of clothing stores in New York that were art environments as well as venues for her Amish-inspired fashions. In 1997, she moved to rural Pennsylvania to create an artist’s colony named Mildred’s Lane, which operates as a residency for artists and students, a space for landscape and architecture projects, public events, communal dinners, and a studio for research into textile and clothing history.

Portrait photo courtesy Lacey Wozny.
  • Artwork by J. Morgan Puett
    Wholesale: To The Trade Only (J. Morgan Puett, Inc. Archive 1984-2001), entire archive drenched in beeswax, 2006; photo credit the artist
Artwork by J. Morgan Puett