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Jennifer Bonner / MALL

She // Her // Hers

[ID: Jennifer, a woman with blonde hair, stands with arms crossed wearing lemon-yellow glasses and a fake tuxedo shirt.]

Portland, OR
2021 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by the USA Endowment Fund.

Jennifer Bonner founded MALL, a creative practice whose acronym has built-in flexibility, standing for “Mass Architectural Loopty Loops” or “Maximum Arches with Limited Liability,” in 2009. Bonner’s work is committed to projects that take creative risks, reference popular culture, hack typologies, and invent representation.

Born in Alabama, she is a 2019 recipient of the Architectural League Prize for Young Architects + Designers and a Progressive Architecture (P/A) Award. Her creative work and writing has been featured in major publications including Metropolis, Architect, Gray, Azure, and Wallpaper, as well as in more experimental journals including a+t , DAMN, PLAT, Offramp, and Room One Thousand, among others. She has exhibited work at numerous institutions and architecture biennials, including the Royal Institute of British Architects, National Building Museum in Washington, DC, WUHO gallery in Los Angeles, HistoryMIAMI, and the Chicago Architecture Biennial. She is the author of A Guide to the Dirty South: Atlanta, editor of Platform: Still Life, and guest editor for Art Papers’ special issue on the architecture and design of Los Angeles.

She received a Bachelor of Architecture from Auburn University and a Master of Architecture from Harvard University. Bonner is an associate professor of Architecture at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Portrait photo by Christopher Dibble.
  • Artwork by Jennifer Bonner / MALL
    Haus Gables, 2018. Atlanta. Photo by Tim Hursley.
    [ID: An aerial view of a house situated within a neighborhood with the skyline of downtown Atlanta in the background. The house is all white with a six-gabled roof.]
  • Artwork by Jennifer Bonner / MALL
    Domestic Hats, 2015. EPS foam. Solo show exhibition of sixteen massing models, Atlanta.
    [ID: Sixteen large, white, foam models of roof architecture are spotlit in a large warehouse-like exhibition space.]
  • Artwork by Jennifer Bonner / MALL
    Interior view of Haus Gables, 2018. Atlanta. Photo by NAARO.
    [ID: A home interior with a vaulted, jagged ceiling and powder blue flooring. All of the walls and roof surfaces have a soft wood finish. A model looks out of a window wearing a bubblegum pink dress that matches a plush loveseat nearby.]
Artwork by Jennifer Bonner / MALL Artwork by Jennifer Bonner / MALL Artwork by Jennifer Bonner / MALL