Jeremy Frey
Princeton, ME
2010 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by the Ford Foundation.

Jeremy Frey is a Passamaquoddy basketmaker who learned weaving from his mother and apprenticed at the Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance (of which he is now a board member). Frey learned the traditional techniques of weaving brown ash and sweetgrass into baskets and now introduces new styles and techniques such as unique shapes and very fine weaves. He is dedicated to serving as a model to younger Native artists and to passing the tradition of basketmaking onto the next generation.

Photo credit the artist.
  • Artwork by Jeremy Frey
    Point curl barrel basket with quill feathers, brown ash, sweet grass, porcupine quills, and birch bark, 2003, 9" w x 13" h: photo credit the artist
Artwork by Jeremy Frey