Joe Goode
Berkeley, CA
2008 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by Danny Glover.

Joe Goode founded Joe Goode Performance Group in 1986. In his choreography for his group, Goode explores the “point of intersection between language and movement” and combines text, song, and multimedia. His work is personal and emotional. His most recent dance, Wonderboy, was created in collaboration with USA Ford Fellow and puppeteer Basil Twist. The Joe Goode Performance Group has toured internationally, and Goode has been honored with many significant awards.

Portrait photo courtesy RJ Muna.
  • Artwork by Joe Goode
    Humansville, 2007, Joe Goode Performance Group with performers Felipe Barrueto-Cabello and Marit Brook-Kothlow; photo courtesy RJ Muna
Artwork by Joe Goode