González Santos

Jorge González Santos

He // Him // His

[ID: A portrait of a man sitting outside on a city block. The man has light brown skin and a full head of lustrous silver hair. He smiles at the viewer in a relaxed pose and wears a white t-shirt and a necklace.]

Installation Artist and Educator
Borikén, PR
2022 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Jorge González Santos calls on Borikua (Puerto Rican) material culture in his practice to bridge Indigenous and modern ways of living and making.

In response to the lack of everyday and academic knowledge and spaces for Borikua practices and history, in 2014, Santos established Escuela de Oficios, a space for collective learning and self-directed education. Its activities include mapping, documenting, and engaging in artisanal techniques, as well as a mobile program that includes conversations, workshops, and exhibitions.

Through these activities, distribution of knowledge — ranging from oral history, ancestral techniques, and collective practices — is articulated and shared with and among participants. From this approach, connections on self-managed education models are being explored, emphasizing convivial and communal forms of production.

Determined to support community regeneration, Escuela de Oficios advocates and promotes the work of indigenous knowledge holders of the Borikua archipelago, a relationship fostered by our craft community.

Portrait photo by Javier Piñero.

  • Artwork by Jorge González Santos
    Photo by Sebastián Meltz-Collazo; courtesy of Embajada.
    [ID: A photograph of a studio space with an installation made of natural materials strung onto the wall and a wooden altar, its steps scattered with flowers. A number of people sit in a row of folding chairs surrounding the altar space, engaged in quiet conversation.]
  • Artwork by Jorge González Santos
    Photo by Raquel Pérez Puig; courtesy of Embajada.
    [ID: A photograph of a group of people walking toward the camera on a pathway covered with fallen leaves. They are in a lush, green wooded space. A woman wearing a lacy white shawl leads the group.]
Artwork by Jorge González Santos Artwork by Jorge González Santos