Lourdes Perez
Sacramento, CA
2006 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by Susan and Pat Stevens.

Noted for the richness of her voice, singer-songwriter Lourdes Perez blends various Latin American vocal traditions, engaging deeply personal stories as well as global politics in her music. She has particular mastery ofdecima(a complex Mexican vocal style of singing and improvisation) and Puerto Ricantrova. She has recorded six albums of music and is equally committed to performing in community, national, and international settings. Her immediate plans are to finish converting her mother’s stories intodecimasandseis, composing music for these songs and recording them. She is also earning a master’s in educational technology from the University of Texas at Brownsville, which is allowing her to develop new techniques for Web casting and Web education.<![CDATA[
  • Artwork by Lourdes Perez
    Photo courtesy Lisa Nickle, 2005
Artwork by Lourdes Perez