Maggie Orth
Electronic Textile Artist
Seattle, WA
2007 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by the Target Corporation.

Maggie Orth, a graduate of the media Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, creates smart textiles, a combination of textiles and computers. A pioneer of electronic textiles, interactive fashions, wearable computing, and interface design, Orth considers her work a feminist practice that merges the feminine-gendered medium of textiles with the male-gendered world of computers. She creates two-dimensional fabric works that hang on the wall like paintings and change color when prompted by a viewer’s touch.

Portrait photo by Karen Moskowitz.
  • Artwork by Maggie Orth
    Running Plaid, 2007, handwoven cotton, rayon, conductive yarns, silver ink, hand-printed water-based thermochromic ink, custom drive electronics and expressive software; photo courtesy David Clugston
Artwork by Maggie Orth