Mark Hewitt
Pittsboro, NC
2015 USA Fellow

This award was generously made possible by Anonymous.

Mark Hewitt has been making distinctive functional pottery in North Carolina since 1983. He spliced what he learned in his native England as an apprentice to pioneering potter, Michael Cardew, onto the pottery traditions of North Carolina and the South, bending those traditions into an elegant contemporary style. He uses local clays and glaze materials, and fires his pots in a large wood-burning kiln.Mark works with apprentices, conveying production skills and aesthetic qualities to a new generation. Several of his former apprentices have gone on to establish their own successful independent careers. In addition, his recent work reassesses aspects of the industrial ceramic world into which he was born – his father and grandfather were Directors of Spode, the fine china manufacturer.He was the 2014 Voulkos Fellow at the Archie Bray Institute in Helena, MT, a finalist for the 2015 American craft Council/Balvenie Rare craft Award, and is current President of the North Carolina Pottery Center, in Seagrove, NC.

Portrait photo by Adrian King.
  • Artwork by Mark Hewitt
    Two Mugs
  • Artwork by Mark Hewitt
    Large Egg Vase
  • Artwork by Mark Hewitt
    Large Vase
Artwork by Mark Hewitt Artwork by Mark Hewitt Artwork by Mark Hewitt