Michael Sherrill
Ceramicist and Sculptor
Hendersonville, NC
2010 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by the Windgate Foundation.

Ceramic artist Michael Sherrill, who is primarily self-taught, found early inspiration and guidance with traditional potters in western North Carolina. He began by making pots in series and now produces realistic sculptures that depict the textures and movements of plants. Although he mostly works in clay, Sherrill also adds metal and glass elements to his works, if necessary mastering those techniques as well. Sherrill designs his own tools and, in 1995, started Mudtools as a business for other clay artists.

Photo credit Richard Maciejewski.
  • Artwork by Michael Sherrill
    Temple of the Cool Beauty, 2006, porcelain with abraded color, forged silica bronze, flame worked glass; photo credit Tim Barnwell
Artwork by Michael Sherrill