Nancy Keystone
Theater Director
Los Angeles, CA
2011 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by Samuel Hoi.

Nancy Keystone is a theater director, playwright, choreographer, designer, and visualist. In 1985, Keystone founded Critical Mass Performance Group, which is “committed to long-term collaborative development of new works, reinterpretations and adaptations of classic texts and the use of alternative performance spaces.” In 2009, Keystone and her ensemble completed a seven-year project, Apollo, which explores the post-WWII relationship between Nazi rocket scientists and the U.S. space program and its intersection with the Civil Rights Movement. The production won several awards, including a “Drammy” for excellence in scenic design and Garland Awards for Playwriting, Sound Design, and Lighting design.

Portrait photo courtesy the artist.
  • Artwork by Nancy Keystone
    Apollo, 2009; written and directed by Nancy Keystone; photo credit the artist
Artwork by Nancy Keystone