Noemí Segarra Ramírez

Noemí Segarra Ramírez

She // Her // Hers

[ID: A Puerto Rican artist with light skin smiles while standing in front of lush green foliage. She has short, curly dark-brown hair with wisps of gray strands. Her head is tilted slightly to the left, and her mouth is open wide with an expression of joy.]

Portrait photo by Juan Carlos Malavé.

Movement Artist
San Juan, Puerto Rico
2023 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

Noemí Segarra Ramírez is a healer, organizer, facilitator, and educator in experimental dance committed to somatic and social justice in Puerto Rico. Segarra holds a BFA from Hunter College and an MFA from Temple University. She has been an Adjunct Faculty at Temple University, Bryn Mawr College, Universidad de Puerto Rico (UPR), and the Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico. Segarra is the initiator of PISO, whose vision it is to make movement research and somatic practices public and accessible. Segarra’s art invites reflection on local-global scales, social and cultural contexts, alternative economies, and subtle architectures.
  • Artwork by Noemí Segarra Ramírez
    Marion Ramírez Ramírez and Segarra Ramírez improvisation researching Caribbeanizing somatics, 2022. By the roots of a flamboyán tree at the rotonda in Floral Park, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Photo by Wilfredo Concepción Salinas.
    ​​[ID: On a grassy green lawn, two people pose near one another while brandishing oblong seed pods. The person on the left stands with their left arm stretched out in front of them and their right hand raised above their head. They have their eyes closed and wear a teal short-length dress. The person on the right is closer to the camera; they kneel on the lawn with their arms bent around their head, almost like a ballerina. They wear a long brown skirt and white crop top, revealing a pale torso.]
  • Artwork by Noemí Segarra Ramírez
    Taping of ArchivoVIVO, a podcast that shares PISO’s praxis through the stories of past collaborators, 2021.
    [ID: Two people laugh and smile on either side of a lavender table in front of microphones. The person on the left has medium-brown skin, close-trimmed hair and beard, and wears a red-and-white striped shirt. The person on the right has long dark hair pulled back into a low ponytail and wears thick black headphones, wire-rimmed glasses, and a gray sleeveless shirt.]
Artwork by Noemí Segarra Ramírez Artwork by Noemí Segarra Ramírez