Paul Chan
Multimedia Artist
New York, NY
2007 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by Agnes Gund.

Paul Chan uses video technology and digital animation to address the present as a historical moment—a form of living time. He explores moving images as allegories for history’s pervasive influence on social, political, and sexual themes. His video projections, digital shorts, and installations deal with the myriad ways in which the past lingers in the present and anticipates the future. Starting with simple Web-based interactive works and single-channel videos, he later incorporated traditional drawing materials such as charcoal or paper collage. Chan’s recent multimedia projects articulate his concerns with politics and history, particularly the themes of secrecy and violence.

Portrait photo by Tarikh Korula.

  • Artwork by Paul Chan
    1st Light, 2005, digital video projection; courtesy of The Dakis Joannou Collection, Athens; © 2007 Paul Chan; courtesy of Greene Naftali Gallery, New York; photograph © 2007 Jean Vong
Artwork by Paul Chan