Ruth Maleczech
Theater Director and Performer
New York, NY
2009 USA Fellow

USA Gracie Fellow

Ruth Maleczech is an acclaimed actor, director, and co-founder (in 1970) of the avant-garde theatrical troupe Mabou Mines. Maleczech studied theater at UCLA from 1956–57. During the late 1960s and 1970s, she lived and performed in Europe, studying the work of Polish writer and director Jerzy Grotowski as well as Bertolt Brecht. Maleczech co-founded Mabou Mines upon her return to New York, and the troupe is considered one of the foremost experimental theater companies in the U.S. Maleczech has also performed independently and has acted in television and film over a 40-year career.

Portrait photo courtesy the artist.

  • Artwork by Ruth Maleczech
    Ruth Maleczech performing in Hajj, 1983; photo courtesy Georgina Bedrosian
Artwork by Ruth Maleczech