Selina Martinez

Selina Martinez

She // Her // Hers

[ID: A woman of Mexican descent is photographed from her left profile. She smiles and is dressed in a dark gray sleeveless dress as she looks over her left shoulder at the camera. Her long black hair falls straight behind her left ear that is adorned in multiple gold earrings.]

Portrait photo by Carlos Valencia.

Architect in Training
Penjamo-Scottsdale, AZ
2024 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by Katie Weitz, PhD.

Selina Martinez is a member of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe and Xicana born and raised in Phoenix. Martinez is currently an architect in training pursuing her architectural license.

In 2022, she led architecture studios at the Arizona State University Design School, integrating the use of 3D laser scanning and indigenous/bioclimatic desert design responses.

In 2020, Martinez was a recipient of the Radical Imagination Grant from the NDN Collective, establishing the seed funding to create Juebenaria, a project focused on providing an evolving collection of a plurality of Yaqui lived experiences through digital media.

Martinez is also the co-founder and lead instructor for Design Empowerment Phoenix, a program of the Sagrado Galleria in South Phoenix in South Phoenix that creates opportunities for the community to engage in design tools and processes.

“Radical Imagination with Selina Martinez,” 2022. Video by the NDN Collective.
  • Artwork by Selina Martinez
    Bachia: Yaqui Cultural Keystone Species, 2020. Digital Illustration.
    [ID: A digital illustration featuring a tree whose branches are topped with soft pastel-colored circles with white text. The text of the topmost circle reads, "YOO ANIA ‘enchanted world.’" Three symbols surround the tree and include a crescent moon, downturned triangles, and a square cross. Below the tree is a seed that branches into white text on a black background.]
  • Artwork by Selina Martinez
    Species of the River, 2023. Collage and 3D scans by Selina Martinez. Illustrations by Alex Figueroa. 3D laser scan models, illustration and photography combined into a digital collage. Digital exhibition in collaboration with the Santo Domingo Centre of Excellence for Latin American Research, British Museum. Photo by Elexus Lopez.
    [ID: A collage of objects on a stark white background. The objects include a section of green bamboo stalks, leaves, green pears, deer heads, a moth, fibers, feathers, a shell, a bow and quiver, a drum, and a few black-and-white photographs of landscapes, the sides of buildings, and a silhouetted figure wearing a deer's head.]
Artwork by Selina Martinez Artwork by Selina Martinez