Sigrid Gilmer
Los Angeles, CA
2014 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by the Ford Foundation.

Sigrid Gilmer is a Los Angeles based playwright who makes black comedies that are historically bent, totally perverse, joyfully irreverent and are concerned with issues of identity, pop culture and contemporary American society. Her work has been performed at the Skylight Theatre, Pavement Group, Know Theatre of Cincinnati, Cornerstone Theater Company and Highways Performance Space. She is a winner of the Map Fund Creative Exploration Grant and the James Irving Foundation Fellowship.

Portrait photo by Angela Webb.

  • Artwork by Sigrid Gilmer
    Harry & The Thief, 2012
  • Artwork by Sigrid Gilmer
    Seed: A Weird Act of Faith, 2012
Artwork by Sigrid Gilmer Artwork by Sigrid Gilmer