Sonya Clark
Fiber Artist
Richmond, VA
2011 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by Andrew Glasgow.

Sonya Clark creates textile works, sculptures, installations, and photographs. Clark is known for her work with hair as a material to address race and identity issues. She has extended the idea of cloth to include hairdressing, in particular traditional African techniques such as cornrows and Bantu knots, in sculptures such as the Wig Series (1997–2000) and Hair Series (2001–present). In the Beaded Prayer Project (1998–2009), she collaborated with 4000 people from 35 countries who each contributed a beaded amulet. Clark is the Chair of the craft and Material Studies department at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

Portrait photo courtesy Taylor Dabney.
  • Artwork by Sonya Clark
    Afro Abe II (with peacock feathers), 2010; photo credit Taylor Dabney
Artwork by Sonya Clark