Stephen Scott
Colorado Springs, CO
2008 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by The Todd and Betiana Simon Foundation.

In 1970 composer Stephen Scott traveled to Ghana, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe to study music, meeting and informally studying with Steve Reich in Ghana. Influenced by the minimalist style of Reich and Terry Riley, Scott composes for the Bowed Piano Ensemble, which he founded in 1977. The ensemble includes 10 musicians, all simultaneously playing the strings of an open grand piano with tools such as mallets, guitar strings, and fingernails to create an orchestral sound. The ensemble is made up of members of the staff and faculty of Colorado College, where Scott has taught since 1969.

Portrait photo courtesy Melanie Tutt.

  • Artwork by Stephen Scott
    The Bowed Piano Ensemble; photo courtesy Tom Kimmel
Artwork by Stephen Scott