Teresa Hernández
Theater Artist
San Juan, PR
2011 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by Rosalba Rolón.

Theater artist Teresa Hernández writes, produces, and performs in works that are informed by her experiences as a Puerto Rican woman within the specific cultural context of the island. She combines theater, dance, and performance art in pieces that are variously autobiographical, explore socio-political topics or, more recently, emerge from literary sources. Her main themes are shifting identities, art and established canons, and violence and power. Hernández has performed in her own works as well as other’s plays and films throughout Puerto Rico, in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Los Angeles, and New York.

Portrait photo courtesy artist.

  • Artwork by Teresa Hernández
    Sólo-isla from Isla Mujeres by Irizelma Robles, 2009; photo credit Ismalia Gutierrez
Artwork by Teresa Hernández