Vanessa German
Sculptor and Citizen Artist
Pittsburgh, PA
2018 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by David Horvitz and Francie Bishop Good.

Vanessa German is a citizen artist using sculpture, performance, photography, and love at the intersections of social change and human rights. German creates spaces, encounters, and sculptural works that invite humans into deliberately crafted rituals, rites, and reckonings that explore and affirm the power of human connectedness, or lack thereof, within the living pressures and brutalities of racism, white supremacy, and climate change. She makes immersive multimodal installations and interactive public performance works in and through creative spaces that function across contexts from the bus stop to the museum.

Portrait photo courtesy of the artist.

  • Artwork by Vanessa German
    i come to do a violence to the lie, site specific installation; 31 powerfigures, 15-layer soundtrack, performance, community engagement, MATRIX 174, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, 2016.
  • Artwork by Vanessa German
    sometimes.we.cannot be.with.our.bodies., site specific installation: sound, sculpture, performance, The Mattress Factory, 2017.
  • Artwork by Vanessa German
    i love you this much, performance: one-on-one poem making and performance on rose petals, love is the reason, Virginia Art Center, 2016.
Artwork by Vanessa German Artwork by Vanessa German Artwork by Vanessa German