Yo-Yo Lin

Yo-Yo Lin

She // Her // Hers, They // Them // Theirs

[ID: A thin Taiwanese femme with bleached blonde hair and black winged eyeliner sits on their fire escape surrounded by basil leaves in their garden.]

Portrait photo courtesy of the artist.

Interdisciplinary Artist
New York, NY and Taipei
2024 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by Mellon Foundation.

Yo-Yo Lin 林友友 is a Taiwanese-American, interdisciplinary artist who uses animation, performance, and sound to create meditative “memoryscapes.” Lin’s recent body of work reveals and revalues the complex realities of living with invisibilized chronic illness — investigating ideologies of healing, resilience, and care. Her practice often facilitates sites for community-centered abundance, developing into physical and virtual installations, workshops, accessible nightlife parties, and artist collectives. In 2022, she debuted her multimedia performance channels at The Shed to a sold-out house. She was selected for the Sundance Interdisciplinary Lab, a Ford Foundation Disability Futures Fellowship, and 2023 Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship for technology-centered arts. She teaches her course Media-making as a Healing Practice at the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program. After living in Brooklyn for seven years, Lin currently resides in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Artwork by Yo-Yo Lin
    Channels. Multisensory performance exploring the intricate pathways of the body. By Yo-Yo Lin, Despina, and Pelenakeke Brown. Photo courtesy of The Shed.
    [ID: A thin ghostly figure sits in a cube made of translucent scrims. The room is dark except for the spectral orbs projected onto the screen, which glow an icy blue, dim orange, and unnatural green-yellow.]
  • Artwork by Yo-Yo Lin
    Re:collections / 再次·回顧. Photo courtesy of the artist.
    [ID: A digital illustration with various elements floating on a black background. To the center left of the composition is a large digital rendering of a slender gray figure with medium-length hair standing with their arms held away from the sides of their body as if being scanned. We see the figure both from the front and from the side with dotted lines running the length of the bodies, rainbow colored heat thermals also overlap the two bodies. The body scans are surrounded by floating illustrations including hands, an X-ray of a spine with metal rods, and a small blue-green orb on a red background.]
  • Artwork by Yo-Yo Lin
    A spread from The Resilience Journal, March 2020. Photo courtesy of the artist.
    [ID: An open sketchbook. The left page is titled "March 2020" followed by handwritten text in graphite that fills the page in neat numbered lines. Some words are underlined in red or highlighted in yellow. On the right page is a circular chart divided into equal segments numbered one through thirty-one. Each segment is divided further into squares. Some are colored in. Above the chart, a key adds descriptors for the colors such as "getting care" and "past traumas."]
Artwork by Yo-Yo Lin Artwork by Yo-Yo Lin Artwork by Yo-Yo Lin