United States Artists
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Chicago, IL 60611

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  • What is United States Artists?

    United States Artists (USA) is a national arts funding organization based in Chicago, IL. We raise money and redistribute it in the form of unrestricted awards to this country’s most compelling artists and cultural practitioners. Since our founding in 2006, we have awarded more than 550 individuals with over $25 million of direct support.

  • How are our awardees selected?

    USA Fellows are anonymously nominated by a geographically diverse and rotating group of scholars, critics, arts administrators, producers, curators, artists, field experts, and other cultural professionals. Each nominated artist is then invited to submit an application and work samples. We then convene discipline-specific panels comprised of artists, curators, historians, experts, academics, and producers who review all applications and select the finalists, who are then approved by our Board of Trustees. The Berresford Prize awardee is selected through an internal nomination and review process. Please note that there is not an open application or nomination process for any of our awards.

  • Who funds USA?

    USA is funded by a broad range of philanthropic foundations, companies, and individuals committed to cultivating contemporary culture in the United States. To learn more about USA and our funders, visit our support page.