Chris Jonas and
Molly Sturges

Chris Jonas and Molly Sturges
Composers, Musicians, and Performers
Santa Fe, NM
2008 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by The Todd and Betiana Simon Foundation.

Molly Sturges and Chris Jonas are composers, musicians, and performance artists. In 2005 they cofounded Littleglobe, a nonprofit organization devoted to collaborative community-based performances in Santa Fe. Littleglobe is a collective of artists who work with mostly underserved communities on single events or large-scale projects that may last years. The group has been commissioned for projects in the United States and Europe. Sturges is a vocalist and artistic director, best known for integrating performance, community dialogue, and social and environmental justice and healing. Jonas is an intermedia/video artist, conductor, and saxophonist who has recorded 25 albums.

Portrait photo courtesy Mary Jackson.
  • Artwork by Chris Jonas and Molly Sturges
Artwork by Chris Jonas and Molly Sturges