Julie Bargmann
Landscape Architect and Designer
Charlottesville, VA
2008 USA Fellow

This award was generously supported by the Target Corporation.

Julie Bargmann is internationally recognized for her innovative work in building regenerative landscapes on derelict sites. She is the founding principal of D.I.R.T. (Design Investigations Reclaiming Terrain or Dump It Right There) in Charlottesville, Virginia. Since 1992 D.I.R.T. has worked with architects, artists, engineers, historians, and scientists in abandoned industrial sites to revitalize manufact-uring operations (Ford River Rough Plant, US Steel South Works) and urban infrastructures (Hudson Yards, the High Line). Rather than simply cleaning and covering up toxic areas, Bargmann restores them so that they heal themselves, producing clean air, water, and soil while retaining visual links to their industrial pasts.

Julie Bargmann at 4 Years Old; portrait photo courtesy the artist.
  • Artwork by Julie Bargmann
    Reclaiming the Highline, collaboration with Michael Van Valkenburgh, landscape architect, and ARO, architects, 2005; photo courtesy Julie Bargmann
Artwork by Julie Bargmann